1 MARCH 2018 – 25 MARCH 2018
Curated by VANDAL / Emile Rademeyer
Featuring artist Chris Leaver

VANDAL partnered with Art Month Sydney to present “The Kingdom of God” by Chris Leaver. The exhibition opened at VANDAL Gallery on 1 March for the City of Sydney’s “Art By Night” Gallery Tour through Chippendale and Redfern.

Leaver’s work is concerned with culture and identity. He investigates the relationship between a historical and changing culture; a culture that defines us as individuals within nature. The nexus between the real and the symbolic. He uses a variety of mediums to explore his ideas, which includes both figurative and non-figurative works.

Art Month Sydney is a non-for-profit, city wide festival that celebrates contemporary art and artists through a rich and diverse program of exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, artists studio visits, tours, precinct nights and more. VANDAL is proud to be an offical gallery supporting The City of Sydney’s Art Month.