Fusion Rules – Craig Black

Exhibition Opening (with Live Art Performance): Thursday 15th February 2024
Curated by Craig Black
Craig Black


Scottish Visual Artist Craig Black makes an exclusive debut at VANDAL Gallery marking the launch of his first Australian solo exhibition titled “Fusion Rules”.

Craig Black has earned widespread recognition for his signature “Acrylic Fusion” technique. He specialises in bespoke artwork, installations, and live performance art, he believes in creating exciting and engaging visuals whilst maintaining originality across all of his work.

Craig has won admirers on a global scale thanks to his signature expression, “Acrylic Fusion”, an incredibly versatile analogue process of hand pouring layers of acrylic paint to create a unique and mesmerising effect, loved by brands, galleries and art collectors alike.

“Fusion Rules” is inspired by the fusion of Australian sports, culture and art. Craig utilises his signature style “Acrylic Fusion” in this one-of-a-kind exhibition to create artworks from Aussie rules football, cricket and rugby to basketball, soccer, netball and many more, this exhibition will entice the biggest sports enthusiast to the avid art collector.

Exhibition Opening (with Live Art Performance):
Thursday 15th February 2024

Register here:

VANDAL Gallery, 16-30 Vine Street, Redfern, NSW, Australia

Exhibition Continues:
Thursday 15th February 2024 – Thursday 11th April 2024