Milk Crate Theatre
Proudly Funded by Australian Government, NSW Government and City of Sydney


We are more than our stories.
We choose what we tell, and how we tell it.
We dictate the narrative.

Community Arts and Cultural Development practice (CACD) is a powerful platform for expression and social justice.

Milk Crate Theatre is but one of many cultural organisations in Australia – and the world – that function as a space for elevating this expression, making work specifically by and with people with lived experience of homelessness, mental health issues and disability.

Emergence is an exhibition of photography and film that will tour in 2021-4 with Artistic Director Margot Politis and other members of the Milk Crate Theatre artistic team conducting masterclasses and small creative developments with host communities. It weaves a narrative of artistry, ownership, and self-empowerment, in a way that only CACD best practice can do.

In its 21st year, Milk Crate Theatre looks back on a remarkable two-decade history of socially relevant and paradigm-shifting performance work. This retrospective also represents the integral part Milk Crate Theatre has played in the development of community arts and cultural development in Australia.