Echoes – Tracey Taylor

14th July - 18th August 2023


By Tracey Taylor

Curated by VANDAL 

Opening Exhibition | Thursday 13th July 2023, 6pm-9pm

VANDAL Gallery | 16-30 Vine Street, Redfern NSW

Tracey Taylor is a versatile and introspective artist who navigates various artistic styles to convey profound narratives through her captivating paintings.

Echoes is an exhibition that features various styles exploring one theme: The Human Condition.

With a deep interest in the human condition, Tracey explores the complex struggles we all face. She explores the battle for control, safety and relevance, either as a group or as an individual. Each painting is an interpretation of the human struggle; the struggle to be in control of our own psyche.

Opening the exhibition was VANDAL’s Alice Robinson with a contemporary movement interpretation of the theme. Vibrant tunes for the dance floor were provided compliments of  Hungarian VIVID Artist and music protégé, DJ Black Bread with attendees enjoying a showcase celebrating the power of artistic expression and resilience of the human spirit.

14 July – 18 August 2023

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm