20 JUNE - 26 JULY 2019
Curated by Presley Joy Paget
Collaboration Exhibition

VANDAL presents ‘Dream Boat’ the collaborative exhibition opened at VANDAL Gallery on 20th June with great turnout.

Inspired by like minded artists from Sydney and Chicago, this multimedia exhibition explores their interaction by means of installation, performance and fashion. The collection of work revolves around DREAM BOAT’s signature artwork: Oversized panels originally painted in Chicago, before transported to Sydney.

DREAM BOAT featured art by Presley Joy Paget, Lucinda Clutterbuck, Lewis Argall, Benni Blu, Vanessa Bartel and Alanah McKellar.

Wearable art by Presley Joy Paget, Lucinda Clutterbuck and Lewis Argall.
Jewellery by Sexy on Site.
Virtual dance performance by OrB BoX.
Live animation by Lucinda Clutterbuck, Lewis Argall and Nikola Malbasic.
Dance performance UcaYali.
Accapella performance by Easy Street.
Drag performance by Pomara Fifth.

Photography by Mariah Dunn @well_dunn_editing