3rd November - 25th November 2022
Clara Patricia Alfonso, Linda Drayton and Betsy Marks

curves like a mountain range, a group exhibition by Clara Patricia Alfonso, Linda Drayton and Betsy Marks will be the final exhibition at VANDAL Gallery for 2022. Curated by Bonnie Cowan, the exhibition opens on Thursday 3rd November, from 6pm-9pm.

Curatorial Statement:

The way gravity interacts with a relaxed body is a quiet curiosity of mine. The greater the mass, the greater the force of attraction. Thick thighs curled around a stool, arms melted against a torso, the gentle hang of a soft belly.

Through this large body of work, large bodies are invited to take up space. To be full and voluptuous. Occupying walls and conversations. Regarded as the artworks they are. 

The first time I saw a sketch of my body that I recognised, the artist described my form as a landscape, a mountain range at dusk. A vast majesty of peaks and valleys that command attention.

Bonnie Cowan, VANDAL Gallery Curator

Clara Patricia Alfonso finds the human form to be the greatest challenge there is. Within this discipline there is unlimited room for expression, exploration, experimentation and variation.

Art, for Betsy Marks, is a conversation between her and her subject, whether it is a person or a landscape, a still life or non-representational work.

The human form, in all its diversity and expressions, is a recurring focus in Linda Drayton’s drawings. The organic forms are reminiscent of landscapes as varied as we all are. 


Exhibition Opening: Thursday 3rd November, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition Continues: 3rd November – 25th November