Tags: Art, Digital Placemaking, Retail


2.7 million paper coffee cups end up in Australian landfill every day. That’s a billion cups per year.

Putting a spotlight on sustainability, Mirvac Rhodes commissioned VANDAL artists ‘GABFZ & WELLS’ to create a biodegradable artwork in celebration of Lunar New Year, ‘Year of the Ox’.

The massive artwork is not only environmentally conscious, but also makes use of recyclable materials, including the 5000 biodegradable and compostable paper cups used. The cups have
a recyclable PLA biopolymer lining made from natural, renewable resources and the paint used is Zero VOC (volatile organic compound) GECA certified paint.

VANDAL artists Gabrielle Filtz and Paul Wells have a passion for creating unforgettable art that generates emotion and conversation. VANDAL activates retail, commercial & public precincts with unique and innovative approaches to art, culture, activation, placemaking, digital content & immersive experiences.


  • Marketing Manager: Marina Ross
  • Centre Manager: Michelle Fuller


  • Creative Director: Emile Rademeyer
  • Artist: Gabrielle Filtz
  • Artist: Paul Wells
  • Photographer: Mariah Dunn