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A motion graphics piece showing a stylised phone on a black background

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A motion graphics piece showing green stylised elements on a green background

The World Phone Amnesty logo on a grey background.

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A photo of someone holding a mobile phone in their hand

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A graphic mockup of text on a lime green background

VANDAL has partnered with Rethink Everything and Kingfisher to bring to life the global World Phone Amnesty.

With 5.3 billion unloved mobile devices this year destined for landfill or the back of a drawer, The World Phone Amnesty is a year of action to generate global awareness and drive device circulation. It highlights the point that there is a better way to own your phone through easy behavioural change. From now on, when you buy a new phone, simply hand in your old one to give it a new life.

The team at Rethink Everything and Kingfisher commissioned VANDAL to produce a 90-second animated film and immersive web platform, both unveiled at a panel event at SXSW this week, where Kingfisher is host of the climate and sustainability track.

The World Phone Amnesty web portal offers a comprehensive resource to demonstrate how, through a simple behaviour change, people can be part of the circular mobile phone economy. Its immersive and engaging features aim to inform, educate, and empower every smartphone user to rethink how they can be more sustainable by extending the life of their device.

Says Chris Scott, creative director, VANDAL: “It’s not that often we get to work on projects with the potential to instigate real, positive change in the world. It’s been a delight to bring this one to life with Mike and the team, crafting a film and web experience that carries the simple message at its core in a compelling, captivating way. We’re super proud of the result.”

Says Mike Spirkovski, co-founder and CCO, Rethink Everything: “We are super grateful to the entire Vandal team for what they delivered for the World Phone Amnesty. The simplicity in visual storytelling and level of craft in developing both the film and web portal was exceptional. In addition, getting to work with such bunch of passionate, easy going and supportive humans made this project flawless.”


  • Co-Founder & CEO: Georgiann Reigle
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Luke Nathans
  • Brand Director: Leanne Henderson
  • Head of Marketing ANZ: Miguel Garcia


  • Managing Partner & CCO: Mike Spirkovski
  • Partner & Strategic Comms: Vanessa Liell
  • Art Director: Flavio Fonseca
  • Copywriter: Mike Burdick
  • Art Director: Guy Collins
  • Brand Designer: Brad Walker
  • Account Director: Jennifer Greatrex
  • PR: Karen Eck – eckfactor


  • Managing Director: Brenden Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • Producer: Laura Tenison
  • Creative Director: Chris Scott
  • Lead Motion Designer: Jimmy Buckle
  • Motion Designer: Pete Nizic
  • 3D Designer: Will MacNamara
  • Senior Sound Designer: Nigel Crowley
  • Production Assistant/Editor: Phillip Muzzall
  • Director of Technology: Sarthak Sachdeva
  • Senior Developer: Nicholas Tsaoucis
  • UI Designer & Developer: Louis Smith