Tags: 3D Animation, Campaign, Character Animation, Direction, TVC

We are excited to share the story behind the Woolworths Bricks Farm TV commercial and animation! 

We wanted to create a world of wonder and imagination that would capture the hearts of children and adults alike. Our team of animators and designers created a magical world made entirely of Woolworths Bricks, bringing the world of Woolworths to life.

The TV commercial features a family as they build a Woolworths farm together, using Woolworths Bricks. We wanted to showcase the creativity and joy that comes from building something with your own hands, while also highlighting the quality and durability of Woolworths Bricks.

The animation takes viewers on a journey through the Woolworths Bricks Farm world, showing the endless possibilities of what can be built with these versatile bricks. We wanted to inspire children to use their imaginations and have fun while building, while also promoting the educational benefits of playing with construction toys.

We are incredibly proud of the Woolworths Bricks Farm TV commercial and animation, and we hope that it brings joy and inspiration to viewers everywhere.


  • Exec Creative Director: Shelley Parsons
  • Senior Art Director: Susan Dearn
  • Senior Copywriter: Paul Dunne
  • Senior Producer: Amanda Collins
  • Senior Producer: Loren August
  • Senior Account Director: Lewis Harvey
  • Account Director: Alicia Berman
  • Strategist: Joanna Felizardo


  • Managing Director: Brenden Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • Design Director: Robo Dinnerville
  • Production Co-Ord: Alex Francis
  • Editor: Mariah Dunn
  • Grade: Marcus Timpson
  • Flame: Kent Smith, Phil Stuart-Jones
  • Production Assistant: Phillip Muzzall
  • 3D Artist: Gabor Prucsi
  • 3D Artist: Jimmy Buckle
  • Junior 3D Artist: Luka Dimopoulos
  • Junior 3D Artist: Jaiden Oliver
  • Junior 3D Artist: Will Macanamara


  • Live Action Director: Henry Zalapa
  • Animation Director: Robo Dinnerville
  • Producer: Ben O’Donnell
  • DOP: Jake Koning