VANDAL, R/GA & We Are Warriors shine spotlight on First Nations Culture at Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

Marking a significant milestone in celebrating First Nations culture, VANDAL joined forces with R/GA Australia and Social Indigenous Enterprise ‘We Are Warriors’ to produce the 9pm content for Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Under the theme ‘Buried Country,’ the 9pm celebrations and Calling to Country explored Indigenous resilience and the enduring spirit of resistance.

The concept was crafted by Noongar artist, rapper and Triple J Radio host Nooky. His vision integrated bespoke illustrations of iconic Indigenous figures by Janelle Burger into a dynamic and culturally rich narrative.

The collaboration between VANDAL, We Are Warriors, R/GA, illustrator Janelle Burger and 3D artist Jock Holyman brought to life the intergenerational storytelling that keeps Indigenous culture alive.

Through powerful pylon projections brought to life by VANDAL, the audience was taken on a visual journey, reinforcing the message that we are always on country, even in the urban landscapes of big cities.

“We are going all out projecting images onto the Harbour Bridge, putting Blak excellence on full display for the world to see. From the visuals to the music, we want to reflect what a Calling Country is,” said Nooky.

Ben Miles, co-founder of We Are Warriors, expressed the significance of this monumental activation for Indigenous people. “There’s never been an activation of this magnitude designed for the Indigenous population.”

VANDAL Senior Motion Designer,Jimmy Buckle, acknowledged the monumental impact of the project: “I am stoked to have been able to play my part to elevate Indigenous stories through a digital experience.”

As the City of Sydney welcomed 2024, this extraordinary 9pm celebration marked a pivotal moment in showcasing the significance of First Nations stories, culture, and people to the world.

▼ City of Sydney

  • Stephen Gilby
  • Jamie Dawson
  • Liza Bahamondes

▼ We Are Warriors

  • Nooky
  • Tressa Jackson

▼ R/GA

  • Seamus Higgins
  • Ben Miles
  • Henry Cook
  • Louis Johanson
  • Kelly Phan
  • Amy Toma
  • Amy Scott
  • Kay Chrystal-Lord, MBA
  • Siona Singletary
  • Kyle Belcher
  • Sebastian B. Leat
  • Alexandra Redd

▼ 3D

  • Jock Holyman

▼ Illustrator

  • Janelle Burger


  • Executive Director, Creative Strategy : Emile Rademeyer
  • Creative Director : Chris Scott
  • Executive Producer : Tracey Taylor
  • Producer : Alice Robinson
  • Senior Motion Designer : Jimmy Buckle
  • Design Director: Robo Dinnerville
  • Junior 3D Artist: Will Macanamara