Unibet- It Pays to Speak Sport

Tags: Sound Design, TVC

You can tell the true lovers of the sport, the people who really understand it, from the way they speak. They’re apart of the same club. There’s a certain vernacular that only those people who are real fans, are fluent in.

It’s the feeling of belonging to the ‘in crowd’, to which everyone who is passionate about the sport, is invited. It’s the pride from being in the know. The feeling of belonging to a special alumni. You’ve earned your stripes and you know your onions. But it’s not just about speaking sport for the sake of it.

Because in this world, it pays to speak sport.

▼ Unibet

  • Marketing Manager: Pete Sutton

▼ Analog Folk

  • Agency Project Director: Emily Entwisle

▼ Hooligan Collective

  • Director: Dylan Harrison
  • Producer: Ash McLeod



  • Editor: Mark Parry
  • Sound Design: Nigel Crowley
  • Producer: Michaela Fenton
  • Colourist: Daniel Pardy
  • Flame Artist: Phil Stuart-Jones