Tags: Digital Art, Generative AI, Projection Mapping




‘Synthetic Hum(AI)nity’ by VANDAL was the first time in Vivid Sydney’s history that a digital work of art was created using generative Artificial Intelligence.

Interpreting the theme of ‘Humanity’, the artwork represents our evolving relationship with technology under the themes of energy, time, communication and navigation. It manifests itself in the advent of artificial intelligence, providing the work with a sense of artistic circularity.

The partnership marks a milestone for VANDAL and Vivid Sydney as it paved a future where humanity, technology and creativity can not only coexist, but indeed complement each other.

‘Synthetic Hum(AI)nity’ for Vivid Sydney 2024 was showcased as an architectural projection mapping on the ASN Co Building Clock Tower, May 24th to June 15th 2024.





▼ Vivid Sydney

  • Artistic Director : Gill Minervini
  • Producer, Vivid Light : Melanie Horkan
  • Technical Director : Tony Fahy