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Animals Australia, Australia’s leading animal protection agency, commissioned VANDAL to ‘Join the Evolution’ and encourage Australians to help create a world where all animals receive human kindness.

Directed by Lou Quill via with VFX by VANDAL, ‘Join the Evolution’ continues the incredible moving story of the award winning campaign, “Somewhere”, by Animals Australia.

“Somewhere” concluded with our protagonist escaping his lot at a factory farm. “Join the Evolution” follows his journey as he finds a new home and new human connection.

Says Lyn White, Animals Australia Director of Strategy: “Animals Australia is immensely proud and grateful to have worked with a world-leading VFX studio on this ground-breaking campaign. VANDAL’s creative genius and investment in creating a transformational heart-opening initiative is evident in the brilliance of the finished product. They’ve been fantastic to work with and we look forward to doing so again.”

This campaign has been created on a simple premise, that all animals deserve kindness and a life worth living. But for millions of factory farmed animals each year, this remains a dream, impacted by laws and practices born in another era. By using our power as consumers and making kinder choices, Australians can bring these animals back into the circle of compassion.

It’s time to free our thinking and join the evolution.

It’s been an exceptional privilege for VANDAL to work with Australia’s leading animal protection agency, Animals Australia, on this landmark campaign.


  • Director of Strategy: Lyn White


  • Director: Lou Quill
  • DOP: Tania Lambert
  • Producer: Ben O’Donnell


  • Managing Director: Brenden Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • Creative Director: Emile Rademeyer
  • VFX Supervisor / CG Lead: Mick Watson
  • Editor: Seth Lockwood
  • CG Artist: Andy Sutton
  • CG Artist: Nick Kaloterakis
  • VFX Artist: Phil Stuart-Jones
  • VFX Artist: Kent Smith
  • Colour Grade: Marcus Timpson
  • Sound Design: Nigel Crowley