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VANDAL’s ‘SENESCENCE’ captivates Lendlease Darling Quarter with ‘Natural Rhythms’ Summer Edition AI Art.

VANDAL was commissioned by one of Australia’s largest corporate organisations Lendlease, to deliver a digital placemaking art exhibition of epic proportions. 

‘SENESCENCE’ is the Summer Edition of ‘Natural Rhythms of Australia’: A digital art exhibition created in collaboration with generative artificial intelligence exhibited on a massive 47 sqm ultra-high-definition digital art display at Darling Quarter.

‘Natural Rhythms of Australia’ is a 12-month-long Generative Artificial Intelligence

digital motion art exhibition. The exhibition showcases a captivating ecological journey through Australia’s seasonal, environmental events. 

Says Chris Scott, VANDAL creative director: “From subtle transformations in the air and soil, The SENESCENCE digital placemaking art exhibition showcases the unique fusion of the Australian summer. Days of dry hot deserts smoothly blend with nights of epic thunderstorms. Wattle trees burst into golden bloom on a chorus of cicadas.” 

“The artistic transitions are something to be seen to be believed.” 

 ‘Natural Rhythms of Australia’s’ SENESCENCE is on display at Darling Quarter North Lobby with summer wrapping up and the Autumn soon to be released.

VANDAL is proud to continue to harness the power of emerging technology and stake claim as a worldwide leader in digital art and placemaking. 





▼ Lendlease

  • P.M, U.X, Construction: Chris Silva
  • Customer Strategy: Juliette Rossi
  • Asset Management: Juliette Rossi
  • Snr Marketing Manager: Adelaide Dias


  • Executive Director: Emile Rademeyer
  • Creative Director: Chris Scott
  • Executive Producer: Tracey Taylor
  • AI Animation Lead: Joseph Pole
  • AI Software Dev: Nicholas Tsaoucis
  • Creative Tech: Sarthak Sachdeva
  • Sound Design: Nigel Crowley
  • Photography: Kev Bouquet
  • Model: Mina Asfour


  • Interior Architecture & Design