Tags: Augmented Reality, Digital Placemaking, Retail


How do you keep stealing footfall from the Apple store when the flagship Samsung store is closed for renovations?

With a wall full of code.

We partnered with CHEP and turned a big, boring wall into a gamified, interactive, one-of-a-kind experience store. Every scan led to a unique experience – comprising of games, films, AR product demos, exclusive fashion, prizes

The wall ended up attracting more people than the store, with a 279% uplift in interactions while it was shut.


  • Head of Production: Tash Johnson
  • Producer: Bella Jarman
  • Senior Copywriter: Joe Ranallo
  • Senior Art Director: Will Winter-Irving
  • Account Management: Raisa MushrafI


  • Creative Producer: Georgia Moraitis
  • Creative Director: Kurtis Richmond
  • Creative Director: Richard Swan
  • Creative Technologist: Sarthak Sachdeva
  • Senior Designer: Robert Dinnerville
  • Videographer & Editor: Mariah Dunn