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When it comes to the items RAC insure, beauty is in the eye of the (policy) beholder. RAC has launched a new campaign to show locals that they understand the priceless relationship members have with their belongings.

The campaign titled ‘We See What You See’ uses computer generated imagery (CGI) to depict the unique relationship a family has with their insured items – from imagining their home as a castle, to seeing their car as a hovering adventure machine.

“Through interactions with our members and by unlocking the stories behind what people choose to cover, RAC Insurance understands that people insure much more than just a car and a house – the true value is in what these items represent to their owners, that others often don’t see. The fact that we’re local and on the ground when our members need us gives us the ability to play into the double-meaning of ‘We See What You See’, because we’re located here in WA too.”

Joe Hawkins, Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson, says: “Most people have an emotional connection to the items they insure; it’s not just a dollars and cents transactional relationship. This campaign literally takes the idea that ‘your home is your castle’ and runs with it, demonstrating RAC’s understanding of its members and what their insured items really mean to them.”

The campaign launches in October 2020 and will be featured across TV, Radio, Cinema, OLV, OOH and digital display.


  • Manager, Marketing Communications: Simone Woodward
  • Marketing Communications Manager: Katy Lucas
  • Digital Marketing Communications Manager: Melanie D’ Rozario
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator: Shauni Giles
  • Marketing Coordinator: Zoe Adenan
  • Marketing Coordinator: Emily Jones

▼ Wunderman Thompson

  • Creative Director: Joe Hawkins
  • Associate Creative Director: Jack Elliott
  • Associate Creative Director: Lachlan Newham
  • Design Lead: Cameron Jones
  • Group Engagement Lead: James Fitzjohn
  • Snr Engagement Manager: Kristen Madureira-Gordon
  • Engagement Manager: Renee Harris
  • Head of Broadcast: Jackie Archer
  • Print Producer: Sarah Parsons
  • Digital Producer: Danelle Barugh

▼ Production

  • Production Company: Beautiful Pictures
  • Director: Ariel Martin 
  • Producer: Gemma Hall
  • Producer: Kate Downie
  • The Office of John Cheese Offline and Online: James Hawkes


  • Creative Director: Richard Swan
  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • VFX Supervisor, CG lead: Mick Watson 
  • CGI Artists: Mick Watson, Robo Dinnerville, Nick Kaloterakis
  • Flame Composite: Kent Smith
  • Grade: Billy Wychgel
  • Sound Design, Final Mix: Nigel Crowley
  • Voice Over: Cue Sound