Pepsi Lemons

Tags: 3D Animation, D&A



Meanwhile in the Pepsi-verse… VANDAL partnered with Special Group to introduce the new flavour of Pepsi Lemons to Australia through the medium of animation. We find a new species of lemon from the Pepsi-verse that has been unknown to us until now. Swirling masses of lemon-shaped Pepsi begin to escape the Pepsi-verse by squeezing through the Pepsi logo.

▼ Pepsi Max

  • CMO Snacks & Beverages: Vandita Pandey
  • Head of Marketing Beverages: Tracy Hardwick
  • Marketing Lead: Jamie Bruce
  • Marketing Manager: Tiana Handel
  • Brand Manager: Candy Wong
  • Brand Manager: Anita Cheng
  • Consumer Insights Planner: Judith Meyers


▼ Special Australia

  • CCO/ Partner: Julian Schreiber & Tom Martin
  • CEO/Partner: Lindsey Evans & Cade Heyde
  • CSO/Partner: Dave Hartmann
  • CD/Creatives: Toby Moore, Luke Thompson
  • Designer: Bella Plush
  • Team Lead: Michelle Braslin
  • Business Director: Maddie Armstrong
  • Integrated Producer : Steph Wilkinson


Sound Design


  • Managing Director: Brenden Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • Production Co-Ord: Alex Francis
  • Design Director / Lead Creative : Robo Dinnerville
  • FX Artist Gabor Prucsi
  • 3D Artist: William Macanamara
  • 2D Artist : Jaiden Olive