Opera Australia Carmen on Cockatoo Island

Tags: Design, Experiential, Motion Graphics


“Bonkers and fabulous, a crazy-brave spectacle…
★★★★★” – Stage Noise

Carmen on Cockatoo Island by Opera Australia was the ultimate femme fatale! Directed by Liesel Badorrek, this showstopper performance nods to tradition while pushing the boundaries of operatic expectations into a new direction.

VANDAL was commissioned to create, develop and produce the on-stage visual content projected onto a set of shipping containers and toppled wrecked cars, bringing Badorrek’s vision to life in the most rebellious nature of expression.

“It’s not a story about the landed gentry or the idle aristocracy, it’s a story about rebels, outsiders, misfits and people who are anti-authority. And there’s nothing more anti-establishment culturally than rock’n’roll,” says Badorrek.

VANDAL would like to extend a huge congratulations and thank you to the Opera Australia team including Liesel Badorrek, Mark Thompson and too, Chris Zwar, Jimmy Buckle, Sam Bright, Phillip Muzzal, Tracey Taylor, Alice Robinson and Emile Rademeyer.

“…a night of opera like you’ve never seen before!” – Financial Review


▼ Opera Australia

  • Director : Liesl Badorrek
  • Set + Costume Design : Mark Thompson
  • Lighting Design : John Rayment
  • Choreographer : Shannon Burns
  • Snr Producer : Katherine Budd
  • Prod Manager : Heidi Brosnan


  • Executive Director : Emile Rademeyer
  • Executive Producer : Tracey Taylor
  • Producer : Alice Robinson
  • Motion Designers:
  • Chris Zwar
  • Jimmy Buckle
  • Sam Bright
  • Phillip Muzzal