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Vandal helps take Nearmap’s NAVIG8 2021 conference virtual.

In a continuation of our collaboration on Landscapism with the global aerial image pioneers Nearmap, Vandal has created high-end content for their 2021 cornerstone think tank event, NAVIG8.

See how innovations in aerial technology are helping organisations solve real world problems today, in preparation for tomorrow.

2021’s theme is ‘Picture the Future, Today’. Every picture tells a story. With over half a billion Nearmap images, you can uncover insights that will profoundly shift the decisions you make and the actions you take today and beyond. Picture the future, today showcases the practical ways cities, local authorities, governments and businesses can plan to build resilience, reduce disaster impact and prepare for the future.


  • Global Head of Brand & Content: Claudine Pache


  • Creative Director: Richard Swan & Kurtis Richmond
  • Executive Producer: Cyril De Baecque
  • Producer: Ciara Hehir
  • Motion Lead: Ben Kucharski
  • Sound Design: Nigel Crowley