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Microsoft’s Surface explores the infinite potential when creativity and inspiration combine.

The all new TVC showcases the Microsoft Surface being utilised by people from all walks of life to compliment their lifestyle, work and passions. From a moment of kitchen creativity to bringing notes to life, we see that originality doesnt follow a set recipe. Our brains are hungry for inspiration.

These tools can be used in so many different ways. Inspiration can come from anywhere, originality is where you take it.

Grab onto what inspires you, and use a tool that’s as flexible and original as you are.

▼ Microsoft

  • Consumer Channel Devices Director: Drewe Letchford
  • Integrated Marketing MGR: Jenny Sjaichudin
  • Partner Manager: Ashley Martin

▼ McCann

  • General Manager: Simon Gawn
  • Chief Creative Officer: Ben Coulson
  • Creative Director: Josh Aitken
  • Senior Art Director: Willy Maitland
  • Broadcast Producer: Melina Flood
  • Senior Business Manager: Isabella Best

▼ Helium

  • Director: Pete Moore
  • Producer: Ben O’Donnell 
  • DOP: Tim Tregoning


  • Managing Director: Brenden Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • Creative Director: Kurtis Richmond
  • Editor: Joe Morris
  • Design: Jimmy Buckle & Robo Dinnerville
  • Grade: Fergus Rotherham
  • Flame: Kent Smith
  • Production Assistant: Phillip Muzzall

▼ Gusto Studios

  • Sound Engineer: Colin Simkins
  • Producer: Brigid Giles-Webb