Kraken Black Mojito

Tags: 3D Animation, CG Creature, D&A, Design, TVC

Kraken is back with the NEW Kraken Black Mojito – a fresh twist on the classic Mojito with Kraken Spiced Rum, mint, lime and soda – a fiercely refreshing drink perfect for summer, backyard BBQs and social occasions.
VANDAL partnered with Awaken to add some VFX fierceness for the release of Kraken’s new drink Black Mojito, our VFX team created and animated the iconic kraken tentacle in the 4 VFX shots showcasing the trademark Kraken attitude we all know and love.
Look out for the Kraken currently airing on a multitude of digital channels.
New Kraken Black Mojito, it’s fiercely refreshing!
“We’re absolutely thrilled with the outcome. We’ve really captured Kraken’s witty nature and the mystery built up around the Kraken Beast, using sound effects, music, and some added CGI to help solidify the enigma and edgy nature of the brand.” Chris Parker, founder and CEO, Awaken.

▼ Proximo

  • Senior Brand Manager: Tanya Mahn
  • Head of Brand Marketing: Amanda Scarlett

▼ Awaken

  • CEO & Executive Producer: Chris Parker
  • Creative Director & Executive Producer: Amelia Morgan
  • Account Manager: Maggie Beringer
  • Account Manager: Jess Williams

▼ Frame Collective

  • Director: Mitchel Loveday
  • Stylist: Chelsea Loveday

▼ Natiq's Rec

  • Sound Technician: Ahmed Natiq


  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • Production Co-Ord: Alex Francis
  • Design Director: Robo Dinnerville
  • VFX Supervisor: Joseph Pole
  • 2D/3D Artist: Pete Nizic
  • Production Assistant: Phillip Muzzall