The Iconic : Runway X

Tags: Augmented Reality, Experiential, Motion Graphics


VANDAL was proud to help Australia’s biggest online fashion retailer THE ICONIC take a big leap into the world of web3 with a Metaverse-themed Spring/Summer ‘23 fashion show.

In a one-night-only event, The Iconic’s multi-dimensional Runway X gave guests and viewers at home a glimpse into a future where reality is reimagined through a lens of limitless possibilities; where we can co-exist in both the real and virtual spaces, and cross the boundary between those worlds at will.

The concept was brought to life by large-scale ‘metamirror’ screens, choreographed models and their dancing avatars, known as ‘metamodels’. It was also THE ICONIC’s most inclusive runway show yet, in a night that celebrated diversity in all its forms, real and virtual.

As part of the event, VANDAL also created and minted THE ICONIC’s first NFT, which was auctioned on the night, raising money for Thread Together, an organisation with a mission to improve sustainability in the world of fashion.


  • Head of Brand : Patrick Gregson
  • Brand : Krystle Malone
  • Head of Production : Lisa Ballard
  • ECD : Fiona Murchison


  • Creative Director : Chris Scott
  • Executive Producer : Tracey Taylor
  • Executive Director : Emile Rademeyer
  • VFX Supervisor : Joseph Pole
  • VFX Assist : Will Macnamara 
  • VFX Assist : Luka Dimopoulos
  • Compositing : Brad Allen, Jimmy Bruna, Andrea Pellegrini, Joseph Pole.
  • Rotoscoping: Luka Dimopolous
  • Modelling: Jimmy Bruna, Will Macnamara
  • Rigging: Jimmy Bruna


  • Producer : Ben O’Donnel
  • Prod. Manager : Linda Bachmann
  • DOP : Tony Luu
  • 1st AD : Topher Dow
  • 2nd AD : Alice Robson
  • Mocap Director : Matt Hermans
  • Mocap Assist : Peter Short
  • Body Art : Eva Rinaldi
  • Body Art : Vince Cantali
  • Body Art : Joseph Rinaldi


  • Bianca Beers
  • Hanan
  • Onella Muralidharan
  • Marty Thomas
  • Erana James
  • India Rose
  • Keramo Sesay
  • Heather
  • Dylan Rass
  • James
  • Harmony Abell
  • Daniel Brown
  • Rosaline Kanneh
  • Jimmy Jan
  • Elaria