History Channel- End of Empire

Tags: 3D Animation, Design, IDENT, Motion Graphics, Particles & Effects, VFX


VANDAL was commissioned to create all VFX and opening titles for a groundbreaking, immersive retelling of history. Explore the real life ‘Game of Thrones’ in The History Channel’s new series “End of Empire: The Rise and Fall of Dynasties”.

Follow Australian Historian David Adams FRGS across Asia and Europe as he unearths family plots and betrayals that led to the downfall of Attila the Hun, Timur, Edgar, King of the English and Charlemagne.


  • CD: Richard Swan
  • VFX Producer: Martin Thorne
  • Lead CG Artist: Chris Harris
  • Senior Designer: Darrin Hanley
  • CG Artist: Robert Dinnerville
  • CG Artist:Andrew Lodge
  • Compositing: Mathieu Carlot
  • Compositing: Supriya Bhonsle
  • Compositing: Lucca Barone-Peters
  • Flame Compositing: Phil Stuart-Jones
  • Flame Compositing: Stuart Cadzow
  • Flame Compositing: Richard Lambert
  • Flame Compositing: Nicky Liddell
  • Flame Compositing: David Tindale
  • Digital Artist: James Choe


  • Executive Producer: Richard Stomps


  • Producer & Presenter: David Adams
  • Producer: Paul Barron
  • Post Director: Matthew O’Donnell
  • Editor: Meredith Jeffrey