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The Great Barrier Reef is an iconic symbol of nature and one of the most important ecosystems on the planet. But the twin crisis of climate change and nature loss threatens the reef’s health, and ultimately its survival.

VANDAL was thrilled to be part of the Great Reef Census campaign – Dive In. The new creative campaign to support the Great Reef Census, an initiative developed by Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, was created by Rethink Everything and urges Australians to support the non for profit by turning their eyes into a force for good. By simply looking at the Great Barrier Reef, people from all over the world can help to protect it by taking part in the Great Reef Census.

By participating in this initiative, citizens everywhere can provide crucial and timely data to scientists and marine park managers on the health of the reef. By viewing photographed sections of the reef, they will be asked to identify three types of coral, helping scientists pinpoint reef locations most important for its long-term protection.

▼ Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

  • CEO: Andy Ridley
  • Impact & Communications Director: Benjamin Vozzo
  • Engagement Manager: Nicole Stern

▼ Rethink Everything

  • Managing Partner & CCO: Mike Spirkovski
  • Partner & Strategic Comms: Vanessa Liell
  • Strategic Advisor: Patrick Gibbons
  • Creative Director: Adam Ferrie
  • Creative Director: Peter Cvetkovski
  • Creative Director: Guy Collins
  • Executive Producer: Renata Barbosa

▼ 13CO

  • Executive Producer: Charity Downing
  • Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio
  • Producer: Warren Keuning
  • Director: Andrew Buckley


  • Managing Director: Brenden Johnson
  • Associate Producer: Alex Francis
  • Edit: Phillip Muzzall
  • Grade: Marcus Timpson
  • Flame: Phil Stuart-Jones
  • AFX: Will Macanamara