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Google Australia’s new campaign with AFL tells a beautiful father-daughter story. ‘With a Little Love” certainly pulls on the heart-strings of both parent and child.

The emotional video follows a father-daughter story of a girl who wants to play Australian football, despite her father’s lack of knowledge of AFL. Starting with a Google search on where to buy a football, to translating classic Australian colloquialisms, the story illustrates how through supportive parenting, the girl becomes an AFL great.

▼ Google

▼ 72 & Sunny

  • ECD: Luke Martin
  • Creatives: Jari Kennedy &  Anthony Campagna
  • Head of Delivery: Whitney Hawthorn

▼ 13 Co

  • Director: Patrick Fileti
  • Executive Producer: Charity Downing
  • Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio
  • Producer: Rebecca Bennett
  • DOP: Campbell Brown
  • Casting: Citizen Jane
  • Editor: Lucas Vazquez
  • Colourist: Yanni Kronenberg
  • Composer: Benjamin Gordon
  • Music/Sound: Otis


  • Managing Director: Brenden Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • Flame / VFX: Kent Smith