Tags: Direction, TVC

VANDAL’s new ‘Saber’ and ‘Slab Cut’ TVC’s for Crescent Lufkin brings fun back to the worksite.

One of the world’s largest hand-tool manufacturers, Apex Tool Group, creative agency Five by Five Global, and VANDAL have teamed up for a campaign that breaks new ground on the meaning of ‘work hard, play hard’, for the Crescent Lufkin brand. 

“Construction sites are a melting pot where hard work and concocting the perfect wind-up go hand-in-hand,” said Craig Bailey, Executive Creative Director.

In an endeavour to subvert category norms, the tongue-in-cheek campaign shies away from the hyper-macho tradie archetype. Instead revelling in the iconic comical shine that Director Dean Friske brings to every job.

▼ Apex Tool Group

  • Marketing Director: Kristin Viccars
  • Brand Manager: Maud Weulersse

▼ Five by Five

  • Creative Director: Craig Bailey
  • Creative: Nick Donovan
  • Account Director: Amar Narula
  • Account Manager: Brydie McHugh


  • Director: Dean Friske
  • Producer: Ben O’Donnell
  • EP: Brenden Johnson
  • DOP: Boris Vymenets


  • Producer: Gabrielle Filtz
  • Editor: Mariah Dunn
  • Colourist: Daniel Pardy
  • VFX Supervisor: Mick Watson
  • Online: Phil Stuart-Jones
  • Online: Kent Smith
  • Sound Design: Nigel Crowley