Tags: 3D Animation, Direction, TVC, VEETA, VFX


VANDAL brings down the house!

Thank you Richards Rose for setting up house with VANDAL and letting us to bring down the house on this powerhouse campaign for Colorbond Steel via The Block.

VANDAL created a home out of a house by completing the entire campaign out of CG. Yes Sir! Yes Ma’am! Those sexy Colorbond curves are completely computer generated!



  • Director: Emile Rademeyer
  • Producer: Michaela Fenton
  • CG Lead: Kanin Phemayothin
  • CG Producer Lead: Tanya Kennedy
  • Matte Painting: Andy Sutton
  • Flame Artist: Phil Stuart Jones
  • Sound Design: Nigel Crowley

▼ Richards Rose

  • Creative Director: Simon Edwards
  • Senior Art Director: Sean Cleary
  • TV Producer: Amber Francis