Our campaign for Kellogg’s Coco Pops via JWT combined sophisticated technology with extreme visual simplicity.

We won the pitch against some talented Australian and international VFX houses but it was our test that demonstrated, and further cemented, that our visions were aligned.

We decided our Coco Pops would remain in their natural state without arms, legs, facial features or props, making the Marco Polo story the trickiest one to tell. The action and characterisation in the shorted ads was easier to interpret visually but in Marco Polo our hero is blind folded and has to try and find the other players.

The VANDAL crew was tasked with making a Coco Pop perform like it was blind folded without an actual blindfold. Body language became the imperative with visual gags like the Coco Pop bumping into the spoon communicating the situation.




  • Senior AD: Gerhard Myburgh
  • Senior Copy Writer: Paul Suters
  • Prod: Rachel Devine