World Square commissioned VANDAL to deliver an augmented reality retail experience at World Square in celebration of its inaugural Cherry Blossom Festival. World Square commissioned VANDAL to develop the digital place making of the holistic campaign for the 2018 Cherry Blossom Festival inclusive of a Live Screen Augmented Experience, Personalised Digital Postcards, Digital Place Identity as well as print collateral, social media asset creation and bilingual onsite ambassadors with Virtual Immersive creating the concept for the AR Screen and realtime personalised messages.

VANDAL was commissioned to execute the Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 campaign, Live Screen Augmented Experience, Personalised Digital Postcards, Digital Place Identity as well as print collateral, social media and bilingual onsite ambassadors.

Live Screen Augmented Reality Experience

Visitors were invited to immerse themselves in the beauty of Cherry Blossoms by making them come to life in Augmented Reality on World Square’s outdoor LED screen. 

Digitally animated cherry blossoms were integrated live onto the screen for visitors to touch, push and pop. The experience transformed the Square into an energetic, social hub and is an impressive example of innovative digital placemaking in action.  

Personalised Digital Postcards

Personalised Digital Postcards were at the centre of the Cherry Blossom 2018 campaign. Using a smart device, visitors could create personal, digital postcard, share it on the big screen and emailed to a special recipient. 

Digital Place Identity

World Square’s Digital Place Identity was activated through a “Cherry Blossom River” that connected hero engagements throughout the outdoor precinct.

An animated waterfall flowed down World Square’s Digital Staircase, extending via vibrant cherry blossom floor decals to the Selfie Garden, Big Screen and Performance Zone.


  • CD: Richard Swan
  • CD: Emile Rademeyer
  • MD: Brenden Johnson
  • EP: Anna Greensmith
  • Snr Designer: Darrin Hanley
  • Snr Designer: Robert Dinnerville
  • Snr Designer: Terri Bertakis
  • Developer: Sarthak Sachdeva
  • Sound Designer: Nigel Crowley


    • Head of Production: Simone Barker
    • Lead Software Developer: John Doolan
    • UX Director: Saxon Dixon



  • Snr Marketing Manager: Suzannah Nicholson
  • Marketing Manager: Jessica McAneney
  • General Manager: John Fairbairn
Tags: Augmented Reality, Campaign, Digital Placemaking