The Beach Breaks 2020 art activation made Maroubra Beach Insta-Famous over July! 

Randwick Council’s Beach Breaks 2020 activation featured a temporary art installation that included a 3D perspective mural and augmented reality Instagram filter. The installation ran for two weeks in the second half of July 2020, replacing the annual Beach Breaks Carnival.

VANDAL commissioned artists Alex (Peque) Martinez and Skullavera to paint the artwork on Maroubra’s beach promenade as a 3D perspective artwork. It created an experience where you became part of the artwork as the perspective-warp allowed people to take photos of themselves surfing the big wave! With the addition of the augmented reality feature, the beach scene came to life, complete with a moving crab, dolphin and seagull.

Each day over the two weeks period a competition ran allowing visitors to share their creative imagesover Instagram, putting them in the running to win one of the daily prizes offered by local businesses.


  • Venue Supervisor: Mark Vrabac
  • Manager Cultural Events and Venues: Katie Anderson


  • Creative Director: Emile Rademeyer
  • Producer: Gabrielle Filtz
  • AR Filter: Sarthak Sachdeva
  • Design/Floor Decal: Emilie Sheehan
  • 3D Perspective Layout: Robert Dinnerville
  • Structure Build: Sydney Props Specialists