BBC First Channel Brand

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Follow the thread and unravel the drama with BBC First. VANDAL rebrands BBC First and delivers a beautifully crafted brand for this premium channel.
VANDAL created 5 idents – Tempt Fate, Plot Twist, British Drama, Web of Lies & Dark Side – which show script threads that entwine, unravel, twist, turn and weave much like the premium drama found on BBC First.
From thrillers to crime dramas, classic and modern literary adaptations, intriguing real-life stories and contemporary tales of everyday life, BBC First brings the best of British drama together in one place.


▼ BBC Studios Creative, APAC

  • Creative Director : Matt Coe
  • Creative Lead : Emily Ellston
  • Motion Design : Marcus Chong
  • Snr Sound Design : Paul Reeves


  • Creative Director : Kurtis Richmond
  • Executive Producer : Anna Greensmith
  • Motion Design Artists :
  • Robert Dinnerville
  • Gabor Prusci
  • Tim Clapham
  • Jimmy Buckle