Art of Mixology

Tags: Experiential, Immersive, Sculpture

Entry to Art of Mixology art installations brand activation for Kingpin

2 women taking a selfie within an Art of Mixology installation as part of an experiential brand activation for Kingpin

signature cocktail for the Art of Mixology experiential brand activation for Kingpin

a woman taking a photo on a smart phone within an Art of Mixology installation as part of an experiential brand activation for Kingpin

a hand holding a signature cocktail for the Art of Mixology experiential brand activation for Kingpin

‘The Art of Mixology” is Australia’s first-ever immersive cocktail exhibition.

Designed to surprise and delight all five senses, VANDAL commissioned six local artists to interpret premium entertainment hub, Kingpin’s, signature premium cocktails, creating a unique visual and sensory experience at its luxurious Crown venue in the centre of Melbourne, Australia’s art and culture capital.

From scented bubbles and captivating soundscapes to projection illusions and bold sculptures, guests were taken on a journey through VANDAL’s carefully curated cocktail menu. The exhibition was a hit with adults and exclusively shown in Melbourne for a limited time.

Through lead artist Ryan Foote , VANDAL commissioned six talented local artists to interpret their signature premium cocktails, resulting in a truly unique and unforgettable visual and sensory experience.


Work from Melbourne based lead artist, Ryan L Foote, explores trend and contemporary popular culture through large installations. His pieces delve into the opulent worlds of food, fashion, art, design, and visual literacy that surround us. He has created installations in venues such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square Melbourne, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne’s GPO Building, and Flinders Lane Gallery.

Mikaela Stafford is a Melbourne-based artist who specializes in creating large-scale light-based installations and sculpture. Her work has been exhibited in prestigious venues such as Tate Modern and is known for its immersive and vibrant qualities. Her latest projects incorporate dynamic animating, 3D printing, and modeling elements.

Originally from Australia, Nick Azidis is a new media artist and projection illusionist. Over the course of almost three decades, he has built a diverse portfolio of work as a producer, content developer/creator, and technician, specializing in large-scale projections in both digital and analog mediums. He has delivered projections for numerous high-profile events, including the Gertrude Projection Festival, Melbourne White Night, and The Australian Open Tennis Championships.

Sahil Roy is a multi-disciplinary artist and muralist based in Melbourne. With a creative foundation in graffiti art spanning over a decade, he has transitioned into an abstract approach, allowing him to explore new avenues of style and creative self-expression.

Emily-Rose Hill is a talented florist from Melbourne, renowned for her breathtaking large-scale floral installations. Her passion for nature and design is evident in her stunning displays that leave a lasting impression. She is committed to bringing her clients’ visions to life, whether for grand events or intimate gatherings.

Darren Healey is a Melbourne-based artist originally from the UK, working in sculpture and video. Releasing work under the name “dformed,” he creates sci-fi-inspired disfigured sculptures that take inspiration from scientific principles, theories, and the visual geology of the natural cosmos. His pieces encapsulate chaos and tension while simultaneously being suspended in time.

a series of video clips depicting people interacting with the Art of Mixology installations, a brand activation for Kingpin

▼ Kingpin

  • Marketing Manager : Jacques Bergh
  • Venue Manager : Dylan Hill


  • Executive Producer : Tracey Taylor
  • Producer : Alice Robinson
  • Lead Artist : Ryan L Foote
  • Artist : Sahil Roy 
  • Artist : Emily-Rose Hill
  • Artist : Darren Healey 
  • Artist : Mikaela Stafford 
  • Artist : Nick Azidis

▼ Campaign Lab

  • SAD : Thalia Mills
  • SAE : Bronte Spielvogel