100 Creek Street: “Water”

VANDAL delivered to ISPT an astonishing Digital Placemaking Identity and Digital Art Canvas for the landmark redevelopment of 100 Creek St, Brisbane. Integrating a state-of-the-art digital canvas into the impressive concrete-laden lobby, VANDAL delivered hardware, software and content for this flagship project.

Working closely with ISPT Development Manager Nic Spencer, VANDAL is honoured to have been part of this landmark project, proudly establishing 100 Creek St as Digital Place & Art leader in Brisbane’s commercial property market.

Digital Place Identity

Who is a person without a name? What’s a place without an identity? VANDAL’s Digital Place Identity for ISPT’s 100 Creek Street exhibits a digital placemaking strategy by means of digital art.

Under the direction of VANDAL’s Richard Swan, the numbers ‘100’ are used as the artistic vehicle to emblaze the animated identity of the building on the huge Digital Canvas, seamlessly morphing in and out of the lobby’s concrete and marble textures.

Digital Art

VANDAL’s team of designers and directors took both the natural beauty of Queensland and the digital placemaking elements of the project, and created stunning digital art for the Creek St canvas.

Cinematic Beauty

The Place Identity showcases “The Elements of Queensland” as mesmerising cinematic footage, exhibiting in excess of 5 hours of VANDAL’s content for each nature-inspired element.




  • CD: Emile Rademeyer
  • CD: Richard Swan
  • Technical Dir: Stephen Dunn
  • EP: Anna Greensmith
  • Prod: Laura Tenison
  • Designer: Darrin Hanley
  • Designer: Robert Dinnerville
  • Colourist: Daniel Pardy
  • Audio/Sound Design: Nigel Crowley
  • Cinematographer: Mariah Dunn


  • Development Manager: Nic Spencer
  • Property Investment: Malcolm Kemp
Tags: Digital Art, Digital Placemaking