VANDAL worked with Will O’Rourke to complete QBE Insurance’s Road Safety Campaign. Pupils from an Adelaide primary school assisted in the making of the TVC and supporting film to help share QBE’s message for us to all be “Safer on the Roads”.




  • Senior VFX Prod: Sarah Dicks
  • Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
  • Online Editor: Phil Stuart-Jones

▼ Revolver / Will O’Rourke


  • Dir: The Glue Society / Pete Baker
  • DOP: Geoffrey Simpson
  • MD / EP: Michael Ritchie
  • EP: Josh Mullens
  • Prod: Nicole Crozier
  • Prod: Jasmin Helliar
  • Production Designer: Enzo Iacono

▼ The Core Agency

  • Creative Partner: Christian Finucane
  • Creative Partner: Jon Skinner
  • Strategy Dir: Simon Rich
  • Senior Copywriter: Kevin Macnamara
  • Senior AD: Simone Parravicini
  • MD: Jane Callister
  • Senior Acc Dir: Rebecca Scott
  • Senior Acc Manager: Joseph Rosslind
  • Senior Prod: Bill Doig
  • Prod: Apple Stuart

▼ The Glue Society Studios

  • Offline Editor: Luke Crethar

▼ Otis Studios

  • Audio & Music: Lukas Farry & Alejandro Gomez
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