Now that it’s Spring time, pollen is in the air!

Nasonex’s new TVC depicts how everyone feels when allergies hits and you have no defence. This amusing TVC is a fresh take on advertising for allergy medicine.

Directed by Graeme Burfoot, this fun new TVC features a man plagued with allergies. When he goes to his cupboard and discovers his Nasonex bottle is empty, he flees. He decides he is unable to stay on Earth and heads towards the spaceship to remove him from the planet to avoid his allergies.

CHE Proximity conceptualised this innovative TVC for Bayer, with eg+ as the Production company, Music composition by Otis Studios and VANDAL creating the post-production and sound design.

May you all be safe from allergies this Spring!

▼ Vandal


  • Managing Director: Brenden Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
  • Offline Editor: Gaby Muir
  • CG/VFX: Robo Dinnerville
  • Colourist: Marcus Timpson
  • Online: Phil Stuart Jones
  • VO, Sound Design & Mix: Nigel Crowley

▼ eg+

  • Director: Graeme Burfoot
  • Producer: Jude Lengel
  • Senior Account Manager: Kirsty McDonald
  • Business Development Director: Emily Harridge
  • Content Producer: Shantini Devi Maniyam

▼ CHE Proximity

  • Snr. Acc. Manager: Elisa Tarantino
  • Account Service: Albert Olsen
  • Snr. Copywriter: Geoff Fisher
  • Snr. Art Director: Cameron McDonald
  • Snr. Copywriter: George Organ
  • Traffic Manager: Cass Davidson
  • Group Account Director: Mariana Rice
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